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Jeju Day 2

Good morning! It’s our second and last day here on Jeju Island. We are a little stiff and sore from the hike yesterday but we are not going to let that stop us from continuing to explore. We have decided to take the bus from Jeju City to the Jeju Folk Arts Complex. It’s a local shopping area that we are quite excited to see.

The items that are sold in the complex represent the island culture and the handiwork that is put into making the goods. The area shows the various parts of Jeju lifestyle such as mountain fishing, and spiritual exhibits.
There are people all around us, some are working on paintings and artifacts, others shopping, and some like us, just taking it all in. This place is crowded but not to the point of being overwhelmed.

We’ve been here for over 5 hours but have decided to get back on the bus and go back to Jeju City. We are hungry and need something to eat. There is a small restaurant just down the block from the hotel. We can’t remember the name but it has a variety of different dishes.





The second is the one we tried. It is prepared by adding ripe pumpkin, cabbage, green hot pepper, and soy sauce to chopped Hairtail fish to boiling water. We were not all that sure of what we wanted to eat and decided that this seemed the best. It was surprisingly good and didn’t leave a weird aftertaste like we thought it would.

We’d definitely recommend it.

It’s been a busy day again and we’re tired. We are turning in and we'll update soon!

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What are some of Korea's etiquette s? If any?

Some of that food doesn't seem too appetizing, you must of been very brave to try it.. haha :)

by SAITinIndo

Some of Korean etiquette are metal flat chopsticks are typically used, so you have to learn to hold the chopsticks correctly if you use it. Some people hold it the wrong way, but it still works if the chopsticks are more circular or squared at the tip.
For drinks, you never pour yourself the drink. Always offer other people. When it comes to yours, the other person will offer to pour you the drink as well. When you drink your cup tilt your head to the side to drink because it is impolite to tilt your head in front of others. You may also cover your mouth over the cup when you drink.
When others offer you food not in restaurants, but in their house, refusing the first two offers is polite. It's to show that you wouldn't want to take something of theirs unless the really want you to, hence you take it on the third time they offer it.

The food is really different from what we are used to in Western areas, but that is just how we grew up being used to what we have here. Just like how you might think it's a little weird, they might think a poutine looks weird too. Being a traveller means being open to another country's culture, including food. =)

by roksait10

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